About Our Township

Venango is Iroquoan for French Creek; it means “forks of a stream”. The French Creek watershed encompasses 1,270square miles and flows past undisturbed natural lands, farms small cities and towns, industrial and commercial areas and second home developments.

It is rich in history and it is recognized as one of the most significant   natural resources in  Pennsylvania and eastern United States because of the variety of plants and animals it hosts.

Researchers have found 25 different mollusk species indicating the excellent water quality of French Creek.

The West Branch of French Creek dominates Venango Township as it meanders for 12.6 miles from north to south. Just south of Wattsburg Borough in Amity Township this branch forms a confluence with the East Branch of French Creek which flows through the southeast sector of the Venango Township for four miles from French Creek Township in New York State.

French Creek is one of the finest gems of our area and with the help of conservation efforts it will remain an important part of Venango Township well into the future.

Township Facts

Established 1788

Area of 43.1 sq mi

Population 2,297 (2010 census)

67.9 miles of township roads

28.3 miles of state roads

5 township bridges (over 8 feet in length)